How Consignment Works

In a nutshell:

per∙snick∙et∙y is happy to accept your accent furniture and decorative accessory items for consignment provided they are clean, in good condition, from a smoke-free environment and we feel we have a market for them.

We do the rest! We price the items to give you the maximum amount possible, taking into consideration the original purchase price and what the item would sell for if purchased new today, while offering our customers the chance to buy quality, used decor at a fair price. We merchandise and display your item to give it the best chance to sell. Once it sells, we send you a check!

What kind of items do you take?

We are eclectic by design and offer a wide range of styles, from quality antiques and re-purposed fabricated one-of-a-kind items, to traditional and contemporary accent furniture and accessories. We accept quality used accent furniture, lamps, artwork, mirrors and accessories. Items need to be cleaned/polished and ready to sell. Remember, quality sells, but condition dictates price.

How do I know if you will accept my items?

Email photos to Please include your contact information. If we believe we can sell your items, we will notify you by email or phone. You are responsible for having the items delivered to the store, 1800 N. Main Street, Suite 124 High Point, NC 27262. We accept items Wednesday – Friday, 10:00 – 4:00. In special circumstances, we will try to accommodate deliveries outside these times by appointment only.

Give us the skinny on your items.

Give us information about the original purchase price, if the item has had limited use, where you originally acquired the item, or anything that might influence pricing. “This crystal is Waterford” or “the leg on that table was repaired 10 years ago and is still good as new” will help us determine price and give our customers information that will encourage a sale. Remember, we are working together to ensure you the best possible price for your fabulous items.

What happens once my item is delivered to the store?

Minimum consignment period is 60 days. We will agree with you on the sales price, based on information you provide and what we believe is the maximum we can sell the item for. Within 2 days of delivery, you will receive an inventory and price list. Please check it for accuracy. The item is assigned a barcode to ensure accuracy and placed in the showroom, merchandised and displayed to optimize the chance of being sold. Once the item sells, we write you a check. Consignor checks will be available for pickup at the store from the 15th to the 20th of each month for the prior months sales. If you prefer to have your check mailed on the 20th of the month, we are happy to do so, with a small processing fee.

How much will I get?

Mark-down schedule:

Day 1 – 30: Full price as agreed on at time of consignment

Day 31 - 60: Price reduction of 15% off original consigned price

Day 61 - 90: Price reduction of 30% off original consigned price

During the first 90 days of the consignment period, the split is 60% of the sales price to the consignor and 40% to per∙snick∙et∙y. At the end of 90 days, remaining items will be reduced by 40% and the sales price will be split 50% to consignor and 50% to per∙snick∙et∙y. At the end of 120 days, per∙snick∙et∙y reserves the right to dispose of unsold items with no further notice or payment to the consignor. It is up to the consignor to keep track of the above schedule, no notification will be made by per∙snick∙et∙y.

Remember, we are on the same team. This should be a fun, predictable, profitable venture for both of us. We believe that everyone deserves an heirloom quality piece of home decor at a fair price, that every room needs a little bit of whimsey (or downright weird), that a good find makes everyone happy, and that fairness is the most important thing. We want this to be your happy place!

Consignment Agreement Form


Hours we accept consignment pieces:

Wednesday - Friday

10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Consignment Agreement Form